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Strawberry Cheese Cake

"Our voices echo the mindless drone   We sing, we praise But i wonder... do we worship?   My mind lingers on the state of my own heart   On the echoes of our chorus's On the songs our lifestyles... Continue Reading →

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Instagram Envy

This article has not been written by me, but was Authored by Shauna Niequist from It is absolutely brilliant. Read it. I keep having the same conversation over and over. It starts like this: “I gave up Facebook for Lent, and I... Continue Reading →


I often wished, even pleaded with God to give me a view of the future. I think this is part of our nature, a part of our need to control. This desire to be able to see into the future... Continue Reading →


Have you ever felt like life has just past you by. I remember once doing a talk about noticing God, and the opening line went something like this. “Have you ever reached the end of the week, looked back and... Continue Reading →

Clutching at Familiarity

Have you ever gotten so used to your way of doing things that when things change you realize how much you rely on the familiarity of something. It becomes almost a limiting factor in our walks with God For instance,... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Coastlines

So I have been on my floor, seeking God, seeking his face again. Feeling like I have forgotten what He looks like. While I was lying there, feeling like there was this massive wall that I had built up between... Continue Reading →

Subliminal Messages

Listen A friend of mine had a dream once that God gave him a piece of paper, and on this piece of paper was a sentence written to him, from God. Telling him something secret, something that he needed to... Continue Reading →

Processed Cheese

This past weekend I was honoured to go to an Afrikaans modeling competition, it was fun. Now before I am judged by everyone who reads this, please note that I have always been someone who struggles to bring forth sarcasm... Continue Reading →

Words fail

Words Fail   I search   For a song to write a poem to create   to capture your essence to contain your glory   in one word   to hold it still in my mind hold it still in... Continue Reading →

Pulling apart the pieces

Today I did some of those Sunday chores that my father so often does for my mother, and often my dad would get ridiculously frustrated with the tasks that he did. And I never could quite understand why, but today... Continue Reading →

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