I often wished, even pleaded with God to give me a view of the future. I think this is part of our nature, a part of our need to control. This desire to be able to see into the future has become even bigger over the past few months. I will explain why now. With this desire, the echoes of pastors and mentors wisdom ring in my mind:

“Just trust God.”

“He is in control”

“He will guide you”

“He will provide”

Beautiful promises, but also beautifully frustrating.

So now the reasoning behind why I have been yearning to see into the future. I recently started flying (like flying aeroplanes) which is a huge dream of mine. A dream which I really believe God has placed on my life. A dream sometimes I wish he hadn’t, ask my sleeping patterns and how irregular they decide to become when God places a dream like this on your life (Ironic how dreams keep you awake) After about 2 years of wrestling with this dream, wanting it with all my heart and often feeling restless because this dream never seemed possible, God suddenly opened doors.

Wide open. And with the incredible support of my wife I started flying. And I’m sorry for this TERRIBLE pun, but this dream finally took flight.

This is a dream where I feel like I have had to trust God more so than any other time of my life and this morning it got me thinking about how often we hear of people achieving great things. Pushing the boundaries, really just honouring God by their willingness to be used regardless of what they can see and perceive. I wondered why sometimes what seems so big for us, so scary. Is actually so minute compared to the vast scope and foresight of God.

Granted, God is God, so he knows what’s going on. He is totally in control, even when we aren’t. It made me start thinking of how when we are growing up, we are constantly faced with mountainous challenges. During my school days, I hated talking in front of people, my heart used to leap all around my chest when I heard we had one due (even though it was a week away).

I remember once having to speak in front of my high school class and being so nervous the sheet of paper trembling so loudly that even the guys at the back of the class were laughing at me. This vivid memory that haunted me for so long became a huge mountain in my life. Every time I spoke in front of people this one failure seemed to grab its claws around my heart and suffocate me, control me. Terrible terrible fear. Somehow I just kept walking, kept trying and got to the top of that mountain. I look back now and see how in climbing that mountain I was able to conquer that fear. And what seemed totally impossible became something that I love to do and do almost every day of my life.

And I feel often the mountains in our lives have been placed there on purpose, not because God is a cruel God that enjoys seeing us suffer. Because when we work with God to conquer them, God grows us, he actually uses those victories to boast through us!

And those mountains become foundations for us to climb the next mountain. To climb to even higher heights.

We need to decide whether we climb the mountains that God mystically drops in front of us or veer away from them.