Words Fail


I search


For a song to write

a poem to create


to capture your essence

to contain your glory


in one word


to hold it still in my mind

hold it still in a word

a word to comprehend you

to understand you


but the words fail



again I search

for that word

the word that can explain you

the word that defines you


I search


but the words fail


give me a word God

A word that captures

your character, your heart

that captures your grace and holds your love


that captures me

that encloses me in your ambience, in your

hands, in your beauty


but the words fail


but its there

I know it is

I just need to




I see it…


I know the answer

I know this word


The word I seach for

The word I hold on to


This is your word, God

Its not hidden, it right there, I can see it


right here

I know it!





The Word, that is you

the word that defines you

the word I search for

the word we long for


the word that speaks without speaking

the creator of the universe defined in 5 letters




the word that never fails