“Our voices echo the mindless drone


We sing, we praise

But i wonder… do we worship?


My mind lingers on the state of my own heart


On the echoes of our chorus’s

On the songs our lifestyles sing

On the hypocrisy of our words


We sing, we praise

But I wonder… do we worship?


The chorus ends, the hands fall

The crowd leaves


But our words remain…


Bouncing off the walls

smashing windows,

blowing out candles

creating miracles

our own words burn brightly

staining the walls with our failure


Because this is where our words remain


We sing, we praise

but I wonder, do we worship?


The words we speak and sing


They move mountains

In a place where mountains rarely need to move

They shine bright

In a place of light

They make a difference

Where a difference isn’t needed


Bouncing off the walls and missing the doors


We sing, we praise

But I wonder, do we worship”