Today I did some of those Sunday chores that my father so often does for my mother, and often my dad would get ridiculously frustrated with the tasks that he did. And I never could quite understand why, but today I realised why.

So it started with my girlfriend asking me to help take down a bed of hers, and I all was going really well, with the frustrations levels staying well within the bounds of what is acceptable. Then suddenly the procedure of taking the bed down became a little more complicated, and the bolts that were holding the entire bed together were becoming seemingly more and more stubborn.

So the frustrations levels rose. Now there were four more of these bolts left, so I was on the edge of completion and the freaking bolts were persisting in their stubborn ways. Hence why my frustration levels increased. Anyway to cut a long story short I ended up finally getting them out after a few muttered curses (and some that weren’t muttered) but along with them there was also with a few bouts of laughter, a few hit heads, prayer. In the end it almost felt like a “journey” with all the varying emotions that were evoked.

After this we moved the new bed in and everything sorted, but still I held onto this frustration and went to my room just to calm down.

Yoh I was cross, and I find that writing and trying to perceive a greater meaning to something that we go through always helps. So it made me think about how we go through this journey with God, and sometimes we are convicted of stuff that needs to change, some things that are not helping with our walk. And after much convincing we start to dismantle all it, and in the beginning it’s reasonably easy, but we hit a snag, something slows us down, and we get so frustrated because something that should be easy (because we know the creator of the universe) becomes a whole lot harder.

And yes I admit there were times when I was so so frustrated with that bed that I wanted to kick it, and burn it into nothing more than a pile of ashes, and there were times where I wanted to just give up – I actually recall eventually sitting down on the floor, seething with frustration and my girlfriend encouraging me and trying to cheer me up, but very little was keeping me going, but I eventually just pushed through, kept on going.

Perseverance, this is what I believe so essential to our walk with God, in fact in any relationship, we need to just persevere through the hard times, and persevere not because one has to, but persevere because you know that there is someone who is routing you on, and even though it may feel as if their encouraging words are bouncing off your heart like a swarm of arrows hitting a stone wall. Doing it because in the end it makes God happy, and in the case of the bed, my girlfriend.

Know that we are all a work in progress, and there are going to be times when you feel God is convicting you of something that he wants moved out of your life, and don’t let anyone fool you and say that it’s going to be easy all the time, it’s a journey. Filled with happiness and and frustration, joys and sadness. But at the end of this whole bed ordeal, I cant tell you how amazing it felt to have that bed dismantled.

Same same with our convictions

Much love