I'm (trying hard) to live for Jesus


I recently was really involved in a holiday club and had the privilege of prepping quiet times and doing a few talks to. In my quest to find a more dynamic way of bring across certain messages, I found a... Continue Reading →


City of Cardboard Boxes

There was once a man, who loved boxes, he loved everything about boxes, he loved how they smelt, he loved how he could stack them, he loved how he could pack them, he loved how he could label them, and... Continue Reading →

Fishes and Trees

Freedom The act of being free. This word freedom, speaks of a place that is often far out of reach for humans, and yet it is what every human has a deep yearning for. Those moments when you stand on... Continue Reading →

Ah Crap

Goood day everyone! So in the past four months since I since wrote my last message, I have been (obviously) many, many different situations. The first of these was started when my landlord (better known as. Grumpy by all the... Continue Reading →


Up It’s a good place to go, right? Up... Have you ever dreamt? Of course you have, who hasn’t. I’m told that making assumptions about people is dangerous, especially when you are talking, well in this case, writing to them,... Continue Reading →


Words Wow. Words are so powerful. We often look at people and think that they are powerful, by their muscles, by their position. But wow how I have been proved wrong. Look I've always known that words are powerful, and... Continue Reading →

Your love never fails

Your love never fails Your love never fails It really never does fail So I've spoken to many people and have come to the grand conclusion that way to much bad, evil stuff has happened this year. And just recently... Continue Reading →


I was asked a question, questions seem to be the things that as you get older, and as I get more “mature” in following God, you tend to avoid. Maybe because they make us uncomfortable, or because we just become... Continue Reading →

Chasing Sunsets….

Wow... It seems that that the spaces between these messages are widening every time I type them. But I suppose there have been moments where I could have written, but none of it would have been from God, or from... Continue Reading →

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