Your love never fails

Your love never fails

It really never does fail

So I’ve spoken to many people and have come to the grand conclusion that way to much bad, evil stuff has happened this year. And just recently was faced with the news, horrible horrible news, of a friend and his girlfriend getting kidnapped for a short while. And getting assaulted.

Wow did it hurt, I cant even imagine what it must be like for him, I cant even begin to comprehend. The words kinda just get completely overwhelmed by the depth of the emotions that run through ones heart. And I find myself asking the infamous question. Why?

And as much as we speak about a God that is awesome and mighty, things of horror happen everyday. In the places where we refuse to look, the places where pain and sorrow are ever present. And yet when something like this hits so close to home, it makes you think. It makes you realise. And I think it also makes you question.

And I wonder, is it fair that we question God? In my small mind I think to myself and ask God.




But man I think its so good. I think the fact that we can even speak to God out in anger, shows what its all about. Not the anger. but the relationship. He is God right, GOD. GOD. As in he could kill us all in a breath. But its kinda awesome, awesome that he doesn’t kill us, but awesome that we can question him. Cause it leaves space for answers, and when no answers come, it leaves space for faith.

So God. Your love never fails. Does it?

There are so many things I dont understand. I dont understand why this world is in such a mess. But it is. I dont understand why such horrible horrible things happen to such amazing people (or even, not so amazing people, no one deserves it)

But I also dont understand why he loves, or could never ever fully comprehend how much he loves. But in the end. He loves us. So so much.

So even when things are tough, even when things are hard, and

“And when the oceans rage

I don’t have to be afraid

Because I know that You love me

Your love never fails”

Cause OH my goodness how he loves. How he is so whipped on us.

As my one friend says. “Press on guys, Press on”

and know that he will never let you go

“Nothing can separate

Even if I ran away

Your love never fails”

Love in Jesus

GuS 🙂