Wow. Words are so powerful. We often look at people and think that they are powerful, by their muscles, by their position. But wow how I have been proved wrong.

Look I’ve always known that words are powerful, and I’ve always kinda had a heart for encouraging (hence the group) but I think we fail to recoginize the impact words can have

For those that know me, I am often a man who listens a lot, maybe by nature, maybe by circumstance, but I love to listen, I love to hear what people have to say, and don’t get me wrong its not like I wont chat if a good conversation strikes up. But over this last week I’ve begun to realise the power in words.

From a snide little remark to the greatest encouragement they have the abilty to kill and the abilty to change the world.

“Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach.

The right words on a person’s lips bring satisfaction.”

Proverbs 18:20

Have you ever thought about how powerful the words are. Think about our creator, he SPOKE the world into existence, the bible says he SPOKE it! Have you had a look around lately at the intricacy of our world. Have you seen that massiveness of our universe… God SPOKE that! Think of that power, that strength, think how everything must have trembled when they heard that. When God was making man, those animals must have gone far far more crazy than they do during Guy Fawkes, I’m pretty sure the sheep were barking and the dogs were bleeting in fear.

Ok so now we think. Cool God’s have power Gus, but I’m not God. Fair… But we are made in God’s image, we have the abilty to speak stuff over peoples lives, maybe not create the entire universe in a whisper. But we have power in our words.

So, the question is, do the words that come out of your mouth speak positive power (Jesus) or negative power (not Jesus). Do you build people up, show them that you believe in them. Do your words harness the power of your amazing ability to encourage, to hold in people in a place of high regard. I think another challenge is this, the words that we speak are often of a refelection of our own hearts, so if your words aren’t what they should be, take a peak inside your heart.

Lets start believing people! Lets start being like Jesus! You may believe in him, but how, how much more does your King, your Dad, your Creator, your Friend believe in you, and he speaks love, peace and wonder over our lives.

Love you guys!

Keep encouraging always – it may be called a spiritual gift, but like any gift it becomes one when you actually give it

Gus 🙂