It’s a good place to go, right? Up…

Have you ever dreamt? Of course you have, who hasn’t. I’m told that making assumptions about people is dangerous, especially when you are talking, well in this case, writing to them, because there is always a chance that your assumption could fall flat on its face. But I think it is safe to assume that we all dream, I think it is also obvious to assume (here I go assuming stuff again) that everyone has different dreams.

But have you ever got so consumed with where YOU are set on going, that you miss out on the journey? Or you miss out on where God actually wants you. Very cliché. Stick with me here. Sometimes what is cliché isn’t always obvious (I know this due to experience)

I watched a movie today, an amazing movie, it’s called Up, and without killing it for those who haven’t watched it, I’ll give you a brief run down on it. There is this Old man who is set on getting his house to a specific point in South America because his late wife and him had always dreamt of having their house there. Now you basically follow this tale of adventure, and get involved with all the things he has to go through to finally get it there. To cut a long story short he gets there, lands the house where he wants it. He then realises that he has missed the point, missed out what has been so obvious to him the whole time. And then luckily gets another chance to redeem himself.

And it made me think, how I am so dead set on what I want, and where I can go, and how I have to be certain way, and I have to do it all on my own. This made me realise that I kinda got consumed by my house, and getting it to where I want it, that I forgot God in all of this. It’s easy to get lost in our own world. But there is no satisfaction in selfishness.

I was in a South African township this week, and I realised how satisfying it was to paint a wall, or fix some cornicing, why? I don’t know to be honest, maybe it’s because God wanted me there, maybe it was because helping people is a human need, I don’t know. All I know is that it has sparked a different kind of dream. So much more than the dream to own an Xbox or become an architect etc, but something that wasn’t selfish. This is something that screamed God and was more about his people and what he wants, than my own selfish desires.

Every dream I have dreamt, that I have reached, has only satisfied me temporally, and makes me search for more and get caught in this consumerism of continually needing to reach for the next Angus focused dream. Only to be let down again and again. But there is something so much more eternal about God’s heart and the dreams he dreams up.

I suppose in a sense our dreams are like that old man’s house, I mentioned earlier, they give us direction and purpose, but often they can lead us astray when the direction of our hearts are set on self gratification. Now hear me, dreams are amazing to have and amazing to strive for, but dreams are material, and dreams are amazingly unsatisfying when our hearts aren’t in the right place.

I think God wants us to dream, but then I think he wants us to give him our dreams, so that he can take them, and multiply them into something so much greater and beautiful compared to what our human minds can imagine up or even comprehend.

So yes, up is a great place to start searching for the dream that God has dreamt for you. He can’t wait to tell you it, and guide you through it. Just keep looking hard. And you’ll find it.

Keep looking up

Gus 🙂