I was asked a question, questions seem to be the things that as you get older, and as I get more “mature” in following God, you tend to avoid.

Maybe because they make us uncomfortable, or because we just become content with where we are.

This question was pretty profound and made me contemplate, where I stand with God. Made me wonder. Ok, so don’t be like I so often am, ok you ready?

Here it is…

What is Christ to you?


Cliché hey? Wait. But try and grasp the gravity of this question and the influence it has on our lives.

What is Christ to you?

When you think of Jesus, what fills your mind?

What fills my mind?

What is Christ? Who is he?

We all know what he did, but I’ve started to ask myself, who cares what he did if he means nothing to me? Its kinda the same thing as a celebrity that you don’t particularly like, if you don’t know about them, or what they stand for, we don’t really bother, it makes no difference really, if that person means nothing to me. Because nothing they say or do will influence how I want to live my life. Does that make sense? (I think I retyped those last few sentence about 5 times trying to explain what I mean, and I think in a sense try to greater understand what the words I’m saying mean to me.)

Ok so, we got it, if something doesn’t mean anything to us, we kinda don’t really care about it, because it doesn’t have any bearing on our lives.

So I ask you, what is Christ to you?

Amazing how heart and soul centred this question is. I hope it makes you think. Deep.

God loves us no matter what, he is a pretty cool father, and yet I’ve been struggling with this. Seems like a very immature thing to struggle with. You know, it’s kinda the first thing we are taught after we are saved, one of the first few things we accept. God loves me no matter what. Cool. But wow how we struggle with that, how I so majorly struggle with that statement, not so much struggle with the fact that God loves me no matter what, but more the question I ask him. God why?

Geez, sin and satan are hectic (a bad hectic) they convince us that we are worthless, which in a sense we are, but we’re not. Paradox. We are, but we’re not. Nevertheless satan convinces us that we are failures, and maybe this makes us question God? Or maybe it is just us dwelling on our own unforgiveness for the things we have committed against God. But regardless of whether we are feeling guilty or whether we are being told by satan that we are failures, we are so unworthy of his love.

I know I am. And yet he finds us amazing? Here we are the apple of his eye. His finest creation. Made in his image. Beautiful. And many other pretty words found in a thesaurus for the word “awesome”

Is that right? Really? The apple of his eye??

Do we know what you are to him? Do you believe that he believes in you?

Cause I’m searching hard, trying to understand how someone so perfect and so amazingly breathtaking is “just” Christ in my life? Yet he sees me as worthy, worth it.

With ALL my imperfections? And yet I can’t even catch a glimpse of something more amazing than what I have made him out to be?

The little guy, in my logic orientated brain starts to run to the “off” switch inside my head, when I think about stuff like this. I just cant comprehend this. I think this ability not to understand God’s love for us has a chemical reaction inside our souls, when we don’t understand God’s love for us, but just decide to accept it, we find ourselves not in confusion, but in utter awe.

So what is Christ to you?

Love you guys.

Gus 🙂

PS: Thank you for all the encouragement you all give, thank you for putting up with my super long messages that I sometimes send out 🙂 and for putting up with any rubbish I may type. You are awesome. Keep shining bright, AND REMEMBER

YOU ARE WORTHY – because of HIM