I recently was really involved in a holiday club and had the privilege of prepping quiet times and doing a few talks to. In my quest to find a more dynamic way of bring across certain messages, I found a two guys called “The Skit guys” who try and portray certain things about God ranging from His grace to his desire to mould us.

I watched one of their skits called “the God chisel” and it’s all about how God mould’s us and changes is to be even greater masterpieces. Check it out on


Anyway I had watched it a few times, but the most amazing thing is that everytime you watch it, you discover a new truth that you missed the first time I watched. In the clip Tommy reaches a stage where he says to God.

“God it’s just, I’ve let you down so many times”

And this is where the charactor of God absolutely blows me away and also it makes me realise that our way of thinking is often so humanised that its no wonder we often think God is crazy. Anyway, God replies saying this

“No, you were never holding me up, I hold you up with my victorious right hand”

What blew me away was that first part “No, you were never holding me up…”
And it got me wondering at how often we push God away because of our failures, because of our screw ups. And the character of God is one of total forgiveness. He is not a God that holds us to our failures, he looks at us and sees people that are good, people that are beautiful.

Have you ever thought about our failures? And what they mean to God? Do you think that God doesn’t expect us to mess up? Do you think he is surprised when we mess up? And I read this and my mind immediately wondered to the negativity of those statements, and yet they show the all knowingness of our God. He knows we a have messed up, he knows we will mess up, and that is the reason he sent his Son and I’m not in any sense saying that we take advantage of His grace and live in the freedom of his grace by entangling our chains around us, but live in the freedom of his grace knowing that guilt is not of God, and that the freedom he gives us is so that we can bring him glory by allowing him to chisel us into a beautiful masterpiece.

In the skit, God says that he loves us so much that he meets us where we are at, but his love for us greater than just salvation, it is about moulding us into what will be a person who can pulsate his glory beyond the scope of our imagination. That’s how much he love us.