The act of being free.

This word freedom, speaks of a place that is often far out of reach for humans, and yet it is what every human has a deep yearning for. Those moments when you stand on top of a tall mountain and your eyes seem to touch the very edges of the earth, or when you float on the ocean, feeling the swell riding in underneath you, where you are stuck in this almost parallel universe, where the ocean and land collide in a magnificent display of power. Freedom.

It’s ironic actually how this need of humanity has so often captured humans, in our ever never ending desire to capture it. And we have succeeded in many ways, more in a series of small glimpses than in a never ending view. Freedom is something that I believe only God can give, it is almost a place where no matter how awful circumstances are, or how much anyone or anything tries to chain you down, those chains never seem capable of binding you.

I read a verse today in Psalm 2:3

“Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us”

and read the little footnote at the bottom of the and it said something that just kinda summed up all that has been happening over the past while for me. It goes like this

“People often thing they will be free if they can get away from God. Yet we inevitably serve somebody or something, whether a human king, the wishes of friends, or our own selfish desires.”

Now this is a part that is so profound.

“Just as a fish is not free when it leaves the water and a tree is not free when it leaves the soil, we are not free when we leave the Lord.”

So we are never free, ever. We are meant for God, why do you think humans have been so captivated by this almost abstract idea of freedom, and try to catch as many glimpses of it by our own means. And that little breath of freedom keeps humanity ticking, keeps us breathing. It made me realise how little we settle for, when God is here to give us freedom from that which enchains us. That which burdens us. It is said that the burden of Christ is light, it is, because ultimately we serve a God who is freedom, the creator of freedom. The one who in actual fact created those moments that are freedom.

Have you ever loved someone enough that you “serve” them no matter what, where you are willing to do anything to bring them joy. To in a sense sacrifice your last Rolo because you know that they will absolutely be so totally and completely overjoyed that you have blessed them with your last Rolo. Our relationship with God is like that, well it should be, and I speak for myself here to, but it should be a freedom, it shouldn’t be following the Law, or following a much of must does and don’t does. It’s the freedom of loving and wanting to honour him because you know that it makes him so absolutely and totally overjoyed that his child is trying their best to make him smile.

Freedom that one thing that man has failed to capture, because it is that thing that man cannot ever completely capture, because there is only one who has ever been able to set anyone free.

Granting freedom.

Take it.

I dare you.

Massive amounts of love