I need to write, I had to write this, read it

It’s amazing how the people you hang around influence you so much, you hang around people that make you want to be a better person, a better Christian. Some people unconsciously give off a light, that when you think them you think, wow there is something amazing, something different, something… just something. something.

Anyway I have no idea why I shared that but ya, um I read a scripture today that shook me, that made me wonder how much does God really mean to me… Is he just God? or is HE GOD! LIKE GOD. And basically Jesus is visiting a Pharisees house and he’s just chilling there when a lady comes in and starts sobbing at Jesus feet, crying from the very fibre of her being. In a place of absolute desperation, a place where only the love of the saviour matters, where the world slips into oblivion and God is there. In his might and power, but in away that just draws you so close. This girl or lady had committed so many sins so many times she had failed. She had nothing.

And Jesus says to his disciples if there is a man who owes a king 500 coins and another who owes 50 coins, but the king cancels the debt of these two men, who is the man who will love the king more? The disciples reply, the man with 500 coins, and it got me thinking, wow thinking. I remember some three odd years ago where I met this king, and I was indebted to him, I had nothing, lonely, abandoned, pointless.

I remember how much my face was on the floor that night, I didnt care what any one thought, I didnt care how loud I cried or how many tears fell. I just wanted my saviour, my king, my friend, my Dad. I wanted him more than anything.

It is always times when you have nothing left, where your world has fallen apart. where your very existence has shattered into a thousand pieces that is where you are you, and you just want God. Nothing else, not a girl\guy, not money, fame etc. you just want His love… only His love.

There is saying that a Christian with nothing to lose is incredibly dangerous… I want God to be my life

Desperate for Him

“Your mercy found me, upon a broken road, and lifted me beyond my failing, into your glory, my sin and shame dissolved, and now forever yours I will stand, glorious Friend”

He is our GLORIOUS friend! Live and breath for Him every single day!

This message was straight from my heart and I hope and pray that it hits yours as hard as it hit my! Keep living for God with a raw, passionate love!

Love y’all