There was once a man,

who loved boxes,

he loved everything about boxes,

he loved how they smelt,

he loved how he could stack them,

he loved how he could pack them,

he loved how he could label them,

and how he could put them in the places, he thought they should belong


He lived in this world and slowly built his own city of boxes

in these boxes he put many things

the things he loved he put in the boxes closest to him

the things that hurt him he also put in boxes,

he labeled them and put them as far away from his favourite boxes as possible.

He never liked those boxes. They scared him


The boxes never seemed to satisfy him though

Nothing he put in a box would ever seem like it had purpose.

And the boxes of bad things started getting bigger and bigger.

He tried to veer as far away from that dodgy part of his city.

But often ended up amonst these demonic lookin boxes


He had once heard of a man who didn’t use boxes

and that wasn’t afraid of bad boxes.

One day he met this man, and asked him to come to his city of boxes


This man gladly came.


They waded through town, and the man showed his new friend all his boxes

“look how high they are” he boasted.

“they are as far as the eye can see!”


but his new friend looked at him with a knowing eye and asked.

“what about those other boxes, down there?”


The man trembled, his friend had pointed to the dark, scary boxes, where he had hidden all the bad things.

The friend started walking toward the boxes. And he told the man that these boxes should be destroyed, not kept.


So they decided to make a fire and burn those boxes.


Little by little the city became clearer, the bad boxes started to lower to mere tiny boxes and the man was so happy. He loved the freedom of going anywhere in his town and not be haunted by the faces of his failures.


The new friend said that the man should never put his bad things in the boxes because they will stay there forever unless you let me help get rid of them


The man could now move around the city without fear. Without the bad boxes looming over him. Him and his new friend grew closer and closer.


Until he started to get content with his city, there weren’t too many bad boxes anymore and there were a few


Then he found out that he didn’t really want his friend around because it was hard work to get rid of the bad boxes. So he devised a plan to put him in a box just like did to all the things that made him uncomfortable. Finally he managed to push him into a box.


His friend let him, he didn’t wrestle or complain, but just let him. And every now and then the man would call his friend out of his box and ask for help to get rid of some really ugly boxes. But then he would push him back. Slowly he called his friend less and less until he decided he didn’t need his friend any longer and gave him an even smaller box, and locked it!


And slowly the man started to build up his city of cardboard boxes. And slowly he found that the city became dark and lonely again.


Lost in his own city of Cardboard boxes