It seems that that the spaces between these messages are widening every time I type them. But I suppose there have been moments where I could have written, but none of it would have been from God, or from inspired fingers.

So I was driving home the other day, and I saw this amazing sunset, but not your everyday kinda sunset, it was the kinda sunset that you see and you almost want to stop and get out of the car and admire it, in all its splendor and beauty. So I want you to visualize this sunset, shades of red and orange littering the sky, the dullness of the clouds start to change into this amazing scene.

And I look at this sunset and words cant quite describe its beauty… ok now bare with me, I am going somewhere deeper than the sunset…. so this sunset is magnificent, and i carry on riding my car, quite focused on looking for the best angle to look at this sunset, my focus then shifts back to driving and not 2 mins later I look up again and this beautiful scene had started to fade

So I eventually got home and got out my car, craning my neck so that I can see these last flickers of flaming clouds, but all was gone… I walked back inside kinda disappointed that I never got to see more of this sunset

Now it got me thinking, I thought about the life and how one can relate life and God to a sunset. I sat and tried to write a story to bring forward what I was thinking, but as hard as I tried I couldn’t, so here in plain words is what God showed me through a magnificent sunset

I want you to think about the times when you were close to God, the times when you stood in absolute awe of him, where all of life’s worries and burdens seem to slip away into the oblivion of God’s love. You know, those moments when life seems to slip into perspective, almost like when you take off your glasses that you were wearing, clean them up and put them on again and then suddenly you realize how dirty your glasses where.

Don’t you think that those moment are kinda like sunsets at the end of the day?

And those sunset moments are cool, they are the ones that rock our world, right?

But those sunsets only come at the end of the day? Can you imagine only living for sunsets? If sunsets where all that you lived for, could you do it? Is life about only living for the sunsets?

Or is it those moments in between the sunsets? The drive to work, school or varsity. The blessing it is to walk, the honour it is to have friends and family that love you. You know, the stuff in between? We aren’t defined by our sunset moments, we are defined by the space between the sunsets. When we honour God, we love the people that need it, when we show his grace, the little things. Ironic, how without the small things, the big things seems smaller.

Are you chasing sunsets? Are your sunset moments with God seemingly disappointing? You’ll find so much more satisfaction in life, when you start to realize that the moments between the moment are the moments where God is far more present than ever

Love you all

GuS 🙂