Wow it has been a long, long time since I’ve written, so as I wipe the cobwebs from my fingers, and from my heart I have some positively awesome stuff to share with you.

Over the past few months of my life, maybe I could even be extreme and say the last year and a half my life, my views of life and life with God have shifted a lot, my inspiration has shifted, my mindset has shifted. But today, I regained a former passion that I had barely noticed I had lost.

Today started like any other, you know the ordinary, alarm goes off, hit the snooze button a couple of times, wrestle my eye lids open, fear the cold outside the envelope of my bed, and the overwhelming desire to just stay in bed forever. You know, one of those days, when the mundane routine of life just keeps going and going. I took my regular route to varsity, had a surprisingly short day at varsity. The ordinary… plod plod plod…

I got home and did nothing, just kinda did what I always do when I get home… then I decided to do something that I haven’t (truly: with my heart) done in such a long time.

A quiet time, amazing, it all started there…

So I had this quiet time, and to be honest with you I wanted to do everything else but read the word, my pc seemed to be whispering insults at me for spending time with God and not with it. Anyway I pushed through, although I clearly remember halfway through this quiet time, looking at my Bible and thinking “wow I’m over this” with this overwhelming urge to push my bible to the side, I decided, you know what, I’m gonna do this thing. So I did it… and had a pretty ordinary quiet time.

Ok so you may be reading this and falling asleep, but bare with me, I’m illustrating a point. All will become very clear as you read

So my life plodded on. Went to a mate after this quiet time, and had an ordinary chill time, ordinary pies and an ordinary drive home. Then my dad came home for a cup of tea, and I decided, lets go have a chat with Dad (procrastination probably the main reason why, haha sorry Pop’s if you read this) anyway within our conversation, there was something different about my father, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Unable to quite put my finger on it, he told me something that made me think and wonder and dream.

He paraphrased a quote “you are where you are because that’s where you choose to be”

Ok… let yourself digest that, you are where(who) you are, because that’s where(who) you choose to be, and it made me think about God, and about my walk with Him, and my life… I have been forever been bitching and moaning to God and to others that I just can’t connect with God… but “you are where you are because that’s where you choose to be”

Think about it, how many times have you wanted to be something great, to make a difference, to be the change we all so often speak about, but to be honest that takes effort and takes courage, so we CHOOSE to stay in our comfort zone… you get that? We choose it. We want to be all of the above, but we CHOOSE to be ordinary. We want to be amazing followers of God, yet our walk with God is non existent, because we CHOOSE to not make a deep heartfelt effort.

Today I made an effort, a little effort, I CHOOSE to put my heart into my quiet time, ordinary as it was, it was actually extraordinary, because something was different. What? I CHOOSE to persevere. And that little effort I made, that teeny tiny effort, wow did God prove how faithful he is. Ironically my little effort made God put effort in, but God being God, his “little” effort is gigantic in the world of mere mortals.

Suddenly my day was transformed, from the ordinary, plod plod of life, to the extraordinary. And not extra ordinary in the sense that I did something extraordinary, like jump out of a plane, or go bungy jumping, but my view on life became extra ordinary (which I suppose to certain extent is something amazing in itself, and truly only God could have done it)

Suddenly the glass was half full, suddenly there was purpose, suddenly I wasn’t just breathing oxygen in, I was living life, how God intended it: Positively, being thankful for what I have, and not what I want, on how amazingly lucky I am to be alive, and not on the current crisis in my life. Suddenly God’s joy overwhelmed me like never before.

All from one “ordinary” quiet time.

Just want to share one last thing with you guys. So tonight (Tuesday night) the petrol price went up, but in my zest for studying, (yes you did hear right, zest for studying) which truly shows how much God worked in my life today haha. But in this zest I forgot about the petrol price increase… so I rushed to the petrol station at 12:15 with this whole positive attitude toward life, I thought maybe I will catch a lucky break and the price wouldn’t have gone up… much to my dismay the petrol price had gone up, so I decided to just fill up anyway, kept smiling and asked the petrol attendant to fill up, asking her to make sure the price doesn’t go over R300, pretty ordinary. Then suddenly I started talking to this lady, and we probably spoke for about 15 mins after I had filled up, and I found out all about her desire to move to Jo’burg and get a job up there, and she told me everything about her current state of life… this may seem pretty ordinary, but for those who know me personally, know I can be shy and I VERY seldom speak to someone random, but for some or other reason my change in attitude, and my positivity made her feel like she could speak to speak to me… I left the petrol station with her saying she really looks forward to the next time I come by and fill up, waving and hooting I said goodbye to a new friend.

Haha call me nerd, call me a freak, call me whatever, but that was such an amazing experience, to see how God had changed my attitude to one of love, positivity and joy and I’m 100% sure made her night.

So I wanna encourage you guys, negativity is crap, people don’t like negative people, we are naturally drawn toward those who beam a positive light. And you’ve got that light, and you know who he is, let us not let our negativity shade His glory, cause daim God’s glory is amazing, and when people see how God makes you happy regardless of the circumstances, THAT is when they’ll want what you’ve got

Keep shining so so bright

Much love

Gus 🙂