Goood day everyone!

So in the past four months since I since wrote my last message, I have been (obviously) many, many different situations.

The first of these was started when my landlord (better known as. Grumpy by all the guys at our church) anyways so I’m pretty close with Grumpy and he often asks me to help him with the odd job around the house. And the same thing happened in this situation:

I was just working on my laptop when Grumps came around knocking on my door, where he asked (for the third time) to come help him lift up a sewer lid at the back of the house, because he had been having problems with the toilet flushing. So I eventually mustered up the courage and said I’d come help him.

I walked around the back of the house armed with a spade that we were to wedge underneath the sewer lid. This on its own was quite a mission. Eventually we managed to get the spade wedged underneath it and started to pry the lid open. What I then saw I think will forever haunt me for the rest of my life – and at the risk of making you envision what I saw – I saw crap, of many different shades and colours… Haha I sincerely apologize if you are eating anything at this current moment. Maybe I should have warned you. Whoops.

Anyways so hear I was one hand on this lid we had pulled up and the other half trying to cover my nose, whilst holding the spade, yelling at Grumpy, “Grumps no! no! no! there is no possible way I’m going near that”

I eventually hid myself behind the cast iron sewer lid. Curled up. Praying for this crappy situation.

But then something happened, something not profound in anyway, but I suppose quite imbred in the human. I got up and eventually and slowly got used to the smell, and the horrific sight.

Dont get me wrong I knew it smelt, I knew it was borderline the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and done in my entire life. Eventually after 2 hours of working with the smell, we managed to get the drains unblocked.

And I was left with nothing but my stomach in a knot and this delightful memory left resonating in my mind. But I tried to get something out of this whole ordeal. What could be related to this. So I thought about it.

And I realised that so often sin is exactly the same as what I had just done. How often do we see sin sin, hear of it, and it disgusts. And makes us spiritually ‘gag’. How often do we then get closer to it, and interact with it, and the stench starts becoming less and less (even though we know its there) until you are figuratively “in the crap” with sin.

So ya that was my experience. I hope it sings out to you and you can kinda relate to it 🙂

Much love